Fish are Friends, not Food

I know you think I’m going to blog about that feisty Sandy. Or some yummy-yummy in my tummy that I experienced this week. Or even, about my bffs “Stressala” or “Can’tSleepala”. But no, today, I shall venture you with a tale about the one thing that got me through these events and which gets me through everything in life: my friends (cue for “awwwwww”).

No lie, my good readers. The first thing I did when I woke up today was text my friends to see if they were available for brunch. Waiting for their response is such an excitement! The second my phone sets off its funny little whistle alert, I know one of them has responded to my text. Turns out my two good Brazilian friends were up for brunch, so off we went.

The way to Haffner is filled with smiles, hugs, laughs, and ooh’s and ahh’s. Eyes open wide up and pop out when we update each other on yet untold news, and sighs are immediately accompanied by embraces when we share our worries and difficulties. With the intensity that comes with being south american (Sofia Vergara anyone?), needless to say the quick way to the dining hall is nothing short of entertaining.

But be not mistaken with the Latin culture background–I am just as blown away by my fellow American friends (and those from all the other nationalities, for that matter) as I am by my dear Brazilian companions. The truth is, I am so thankful to say that I am very lucky to have so many good fishies. I have been blessed to study at a place where I have found such a great community to live in, such a sturdy support system filled with kind smiles, sympathy, and so much love.

And before we bring out the tissues, let me just say, this isn’t just about cheesy, dramatic, fraternal puppy love (even though that is at many times the case…) but let me just say that these friendships of mine can get really creative with their manifestation of support. This includes talking in a Greek accent (or Russian, or Italian…you know, it really just depends on the day) and referring to each other as “Toola” (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, anyone?), running out at 12am in an impulsive trip to Campus Corner, and sharing endless onion-ring-laughter only to wake up the next day and bond over our food hangovers, falling to the floor in laughter when we’re so tired from so many dance classes and rehearsals, and realizing that none of the amazing jumps and lifts we choreographed in our heads seem to be working out (I mean, how hard is it for people to just levitate? Really.), or speaking/singing/dancing away in Portuguese in the middle of the dining hall and feeling the delight of being taken back to that familiar world we also call home and having all the memories of smells, tastes, and sounds come to life (and loving how everyone is looking at us like we’re crazy), or rushing to class and realizing how we’ve been spoiled by Bryn Mawr time, pranking each other, and even sharing our intestinal regularity. (Yes, really).

All of these insane things that we make each other go through just add up to show you that, at the end of the day, your friends are really what make it all worth while….they are my toto, my scarecrow, my tin man, my lion, in this yellow brick road we call life. Hey, with friends like these, who needs Oz?

So remember, my good readers, in the words of Toy Story, “you’ve got a friend in me.”

:), Luci