A series of Fortunate events

Let me tell yah, it’s been a busy couple of days. We all have our normal share of stressful busy-ness (also read as business), but let’s not get into that. This busy was more of a joyful bee-zzzy (characteristic of bees and spring) than of a business busy (characteristic of rigid workmen and negativity). Also, have y’all noticed how many picturesque springtime moments Bryn Mawr has been gifting us with lately? If you haven’t had a chance to catch a glimpse of them, don’t worry, I’ve provided a few snapshots below.




IMG_20130418_115554 IMG_20130418_115958 IMG_20130403_180013 909391_10152863601590425_313872086_n (1) 911732_10152860530455425_1409936811_n

It all started last Friday, when we had the end of the year party for all of us in the Banter Blogger program. Like any good bmc celebration, we went to Peace-a-Pizza and Hope’s Cookies (owned by a bmc alum) for some tasty delights (pictures are to follow, don’t worry!) There was your good ol’ cheese pizza, along with delicious tomato basil mozzarella and specialty pizzas, which included a Greek veggie that was more of a meal on a pizza than anything else (Muna was the lucky pick for this one). After, on to dessert. Some people got ice cream, other people got cookies. Muna and I looked at each other and thought..ehh, why not both? Hah! She was smart and got an ice cream sandwich (a wise one, folks) while I was just greedy and got some chocolate chip cookie dough (cookie-version ice cream!) and a chocolate chip cookie. Ok, enough of this cookie business, or else the cookie monster is gonna start walking in to collect all of these crumbs.

913231_10152850303665425_323229508_n 911394_10152850304795425_1994806899_n 911399_10152850304925425_2128413177_n 912155_10152850305075425_209310296_n

We escaped the rain and got back to campus just in time for the “Play of Hours”, the Mainstage theater production of the Book of Hours, which we had gotten tickets for. The thunderstorm and heavy rain showers were a magical addition to this site-specific play about hermits. It was more like a scavenger hunt than your traditional theater spectacle: the show consisted of us being chaperoned around to different areas of the Goodhart building and the surrounding areas outside by the ushers, to visit the habitat of these very peculiar creatures. The play was long (about 3 hrs), but the more you were in it, the more you loved it. It was an investigative and intriguing experience to say the least! Pictures to follow.

912036_10152850368380425_562607371_n 913013_10152850369200425_1238203024_n

After the show, it was time for some serious reflecting, which lead to some productive journal entry writing and blogging. Fast forward to 3am and puffy eyes, and success! It’s time for bed.

Saturday was the big B-day (sorry, it was nobody’s birthday. I’m using “B” for bee-zzy here). It was Luci hiatus on bmc campus day, for I spent the whole day in Philly. I grabbed some brunch with friends and was delighted to find some chocolate chip pancakes at Haffner, and an even bigger surprise when I encountered some ruby-red strawberries starring me from the fruit bar. I guess dreams really do come true. I paired the two together and–BAM! Flavor explosion for breakfast. My appetite was further pleased as I met up with a friend in Philly around noon for some FroYo (one of the best things about springtime). An interesting combination of tart, mango, and green tea (first taste for the latter!) brought me a good start to this Saturday escapade.

Byebye to friend 1, and on to friend 2! Haverford College offered some free tix for the Philadanco (The Philadelphia Dance Company http://www.philadanco.org/) at the Kimmel Center to hc and bmc students, so I quickly took on the opportunity and joined my dance friend Chris to see some vibrant, energetic, and overall beautiful dancing. After the show, we strolled around Rittenhouse Square and the other pleasant blocks that make up the lovely surroundings of South Broad Street, which were full of joyful people in that sunny day. Families, couples and friends played around with their dogs, carried their kids, and shared meals on a palate of emerald green and all the other colors of the rainbow spectrum that made up the nature backdrop.


After a trip to the Rosin Box to buy me some ballet slippers (my old ones had holes and were basically destroyed from use. #dancerlife) and a visit to a local coffee shop, it was time to meet our other friends from dance for dinner at the funky Mexican restaurant, Tequilas (locust and 16th). Hmmmmhmmm!!! Let me just throw some things at you, so you can have the freedom to paint yourself the picture: crab + kiwi guacamole, fish and shrimp with lime and tomato, onion, and cilantro, chicken breast in a lava bowl with steamy spices of tomato, garlic, and chile, breaded fish with guacamole and squash puree, chicken with chocolate sauce, and tres leches cake for dessert. In addition, our waiter had a rather peculiar sense of humor and brought us our drinks on his head. Yes, on his head. I mean, I think I should just end my post here, don’t you think? (Yes, pictures. Not to worry my darlings).

IMG_8082 IMG_8083 IMG_8087 IMG_8093 IMG_8094 IMG_8102

With satisfied bellies and pleasing smiles, we rolled out of our seats and dashed on to the Wilma Theater to see the performance by Philadelphia’s contemporary ballet company, BalletX (http://balletx.org/) which is always nothing short of breathtaking. Watching the show just got me especially excited because I will be doing their summer intensive training program this July with a good friend of mine. Yay! After an overload of dance and artistic/creative reflection, not to mention gastronomical happiness, it was time to head home and call it a night.

Speaking of dance and art, this upcoming weekend is the Spring Dance Concert at bmc! Please join us at Goodhart on April 26th and 27th at 7:30pm for an evening of varied dance styles by many amazing choreographers from bmc and Philly. There will be contemporary ballet, modern, hip hop, african, and jazz. But that’s just the boring description. What you should really expect is some creepy scooting, tiny hands, interrupting commercials, identity songs, getting lost in time, rave madness, flickering dry rain, sharp retina moves, and basically a lot of energy from our dancers. So come enjoy it all this weekend!


Okay, that was my advertisement blurb. But related to the concert were my Sunday activities, which consisted of 4 hours of tech rehearsal (!), which extended on to the week, for my other pieces in the show. Tonight is dress rehearsal, and the nervousness is slowly shedding away to reveal the excitement which comes with the art of performance. I hope to see some of you there, it will be a great show.

You’ll be yearning for an encore, I know it!

It’s show bis time!